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JQ-1325 Fiber 500W metal Pipe/Tube Laser Cutting Machine

This machine equipped with Raycus fiber 500W laser source, Taiwan ballscrew and Janpanese Panasonic servo motor and driver, this machine meet customer’s requirements of cutting flat metal sheet and pipe/tube on one machine ,the max cutting diameter can up to 200mm, improving the efficiency.

Advantage of Fiber laser

1, High electro-optical conversion efficiency, 300% more efficient than CO2 laser

2, Low operating and maintenance cost, only 6% of CO2 laser

3, High cutting speed, 600%~1000% faster than CO2 laser

4, Small in size, light in weight, mobile working position, minimum space requirement



 Stable Z-axis and auto focus system

The laser head equipped with Laser-Mech (Made in U.S.A) capacitor non-contact AUTO-FOCUSING system, Able to adjust focal length automatically, guaranty the best cutting quality, prevent material scrapping caused by changing of focal length when metal is not flat

Due to non-contact sensing device, when controlled by system, able to achievestable Z axis floating function, eliminate negative effects caused by non-flat material

 Machine shell / Host machine

JQLASER large scale cutting machine weight 3.7 tons. We take producing cost, machine stability and machine quality all into consideration. After seral times redesign we decide the final simple but strong design. Which produced by professional large scale equipments from military level industry, and passed aging treatment, can guaranty durability for long term use.


Machine equipped famous brand high precision ball-screw system, linear guide and motor servo drive system, can guaranty the processing precision. The transmission system can match the CNC control system smoothly.

 Control system

Use professional IPC, optimization cutting calculate system, touch screen easy to use, professional cutting software can design all kinds of graphic, text, support CAD, CorelDraw. or space                                             

Machine Technical Parameters

▶ Machine Model


▶ Max. working area



Raycus Brand 500-watt fiber laser

▶ Cutting thickness

0.2-5mm carbon steel / 0.2-4mm stainless steel

▶ Laser wavelength


▶ Rated power


▶ Water chiller


▶ X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy


▶ X,Y-axis fast moving speed


▶ Min. cutting line width


▶ Max. cutting speed


▶Whole machine size


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