FLT-H1 Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Minimalist Design Redefined


Minimalist design and redefinition based on the original three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine. A machine developed for small diameter pipe 15~160mm, making the processing more refined and standardized.

Welding bed

    The bed is welded as a whole and treated by annealing to eliminate internal stress, and then finish machining after rough machining and vibration aging, thus greatly improving the rigidity and stability of the machine tool and ensuring the accuracy of the machine tool. The machine is equipped with automatic lubrication device, which adds lubricating oil to the moving parts of the bed regularly and quantitatively to ensure that the moving parts operate in good condition, which can improve the service life of the guide rails, gears and rack and pinion.

Cypcut System

The Pachu 5000A bus-based control system is capable of real-time compensation for pipe center deviation and faster and more stable corner cutting speed.

CNC clamping system

The chuck is divided into 3 groups of pneumatic chucks, front, middle and rear, all 3 groups are driven by servo motor to move and rotate synchronously in Y-axis direction. Under the logic action set by the system, it can realize the pulling type cutting of the pipe, which can greatly improve the cutting accuracy and can conditionally realize the zero tail material cutting (depending on the workpiece cutting size and specific cutting process).

Product Specification

NO. Item Parameter Unit
1 Maximum cut pipe length 0~6000 (loading space 6500)


2 Cut pipe diameter 15~160(external circle of workpiece


3 Minimum tail material ≥0 (related to workpiece length and actual cutting)


4 X, Y, Z axis positioning accuracy ±0.05/1000mm


5 X, Y, Z axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03/1000mm


6 Acceleration speed 1g


7 Max. running speed 75


8 Max. speed of chuck 100


9 Maximum load weight 160


10 Weight of loading machine 6000


11 Main machine shape (length, width and height) Approx. 13000×1800×2500


12 Laser power ***


13 Control system cypcut 5000A


14 Power of the whole machine ***


15 Power supply requirements 380v/50Hz±10%


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Future Application

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In order to meet people's demand for fitness and health, manufacturers have introduced a variety of equipments. Among these products, pipe is commonly applied in connections through coherent line butt. However, traditional cutting method (towards pipes) can either ensure the accuracy or labor and ti



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