M1 CNC laser tube cutting machine

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A highly applicable machine designed and developed by Jinqiang Laser independently, the bed adopts stacked welded one-piece bed with stable performance and high processing accuracy. The machine is equipped with full-stroke pneumatic chuck, mainly used for metal pipe cutting and undercutting, suitable for metal pipe cutting from 16 to 220m.

Welding bed

    The bed is welded as a whole and treated by annealing to eliminate internal stress, and then finish machining after rough machining and vibration aging, thus greatly improving the rigidity and stability of the machine tool and ensuring the accuracy of the machine tool. The machine is equipped with automatic lubrication device, which adds lubricating oil to the moving parts of the bed regularly and quantitatively to ensure that the moving parts operate in good condition, which can improve the service life of the guide rails, gears and rack and pinion.

Front splice design

Thoughtful front pick-up design. The cut scrap automatically drops to the scrap trolley to realize intelligent processing production and enhance the output value of pipe processing.

Reducing wheel support mechanism

The reducer wheel support is mainly for cutting longer pipe (smaller diameter pipe) excessive deformation of auxiliary control, by the cylinder control reducer wheel on the pipe cutting support, when the rear chuck moves to the corresponding position, the auxiliary support can be lowered to avoid, for different sizes of pipe please use the corresponding support radius to adapt to the height of the pipe.

Product Specification

NO. Item Parameter Unit
1 Maximum cut pipe length 0~6400 (more than 3 meters need to extend the front joint material)


2 Cut pipe diameter 16~220 (external circle of workpiece)


3 Minimum tail material 90


4 X、Y-axis positioning accuracy ±0.05/1000mm


5 X、Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03/1000mm


6 Acceleration speed 1.5G


7 Max. running speed 100


8 Max. speed of chuck 150


9 Chuck load weight Front and rear chucks 120Kg each


10 Weight of loading machine 5000


11 Main machine shape (length, width and height) Approx. 10700×3700×2410


12 Laser power 1


13 Control system Bertrud 5000B


14 Power of the whole machine 24


15 Power supply requirements 380v/50Hz


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