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With the moveable support; with the moveable front pick-up; three card inter-shift; can process a wider range; high precision

  • FLT-6035ETN Three-chucks Laser Tube Cutting Machine
    The self-developed full-stroke pneumatic chuck can complete intelligent cutting without manual adjustment. The bus control system is equipped with the functions of integrated control and three-chuck pulling cutting, which makes the cutting speed faster and more stable.
  • FLT-6020ET Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machine
    FLT-6022ET is a three-chuck machine developed in response to market requirements, and the whole machine is a cost-effective machine both in terms of performance and configuration.
  • FLT-6020ETN Universal loading three chuck pipe cutting machine
    It is mainly used for round, square, rectangular, oval and waist round tubes of common carbon steel and stainless steel, etc. The external circle size of cutting workpiece is Φ15-Φ230mm, and the maximum length of raw material is 6000mm.
  • FLT-9035ETNThree-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machine
    The "strength" in the processing of metal profiles, according to the actual application of the customer specially customized a three-chuck laser pipe cutting machine. Can achieve the maximum diameter of 350mm pipe processing cutting, super processing capacity so that the standardization is not unchanging.


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Add : No.5, Liandong U Valley, No.2222 Yuqing Road, Changqing District, Jinan
Tel : +86-0531-88976878
Phone : +86-18560186916
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