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Plate and tube dual-use; exchange platform; safety and environmental protection; pneumatic full-stroke chuck; excellent cutting effect High-performance CNC system; easy to operate; good dynamic performance; high load capacity; high power; high performance

  • JQ-1530C Fiber Laser Combined Machine
    The manufacturer of laser cutting machines from China is selling laser cutting machines Click here to get this product.JQ laser
  • JQ-1530CP Fiber Laser Combined Machine with Auto Pallet Changer
    For metal processing industry, JQ developed a special type of multifunctional fiber laser cutting machine--JQ1530CP, which can not only process tube and plate at same time, but also hes exchangeable work platform. This type is mainly for plate cutting and partly for tube cutting.
  • JQ-1530HCP Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine
    JQ1530CP(H)-1000/1500/2000/3000W/4000W laser cutting machine combines plate and tube processing function into one set, supporting cutting job of plate metal with working area 3000mm×1500mm and φ16-φ220mm of pipe cutting. This machine is designed for dual-purpose cutting job with perfect cutting effect. It is widely used in stainless steel processing industry which serves for plate metal cutting and sports equipment manufacturing .