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Advertising industry exclusive customization; standardized configuration; high speed; high efficiency; CNC control system 

  • JQ-1530E Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    JQ-1530E is an economic fiber laser cutting machine developed by Jinqiang Laser for the actual needs of the sheet metal processing industry, equipped with a strategic cooperation 1000w laser, the thickest can cut 15mm carbon steel.
  • JQ-1530G Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
    For the actual demand of sheet metal processing industry, JQ developed a type of high speed, high efficiency fiber laser cutting machine called 1530G, by using more economical laser source of 1000w-2000w, to let fiber laser cutting technology benefit more users.
  • JQ-1530HE Single Platform Laser Cutting Machine
    Suitable for carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, color steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy and other metal materials. The work area is 1500mm*3000mm.