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Jinqiang Laser is a R&D and manufacturing company dedicated to providing laser industry intelligent equipment to users around the world. It specializes in laser cutting equipment such as laser cutting machines and provides customized flexible pipe processing systems for customers.

Since its establishment in 2006, Jinqiang Laser has been relying on technology research and development and product quality as its lifeline, constantly optimizing and providing customers with the most suitable products and services, and meticulously controlling the production process with strict quality control standards.

As a professional R&D manufacturer of laser equipment, Jinqiang Laser proposed the concept of integrated laser cutting machine and automatic feeding laser cutting machine, and obtained a number of invention patents, extending the laser industry product line.

Jinqiang Laser, planning the future with you, landing intelligent manufacturing, using laser to change the world.

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Marketing Center: Rongsheng Times International, Beiyuan Street, Licheng District, Jinan City
R & D headquarters: Shun Hing Road U in East Valley Changqing District No. 5
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