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Wang Qinguang, secretary of the Changqing District Party Committee, visited Jinqiang Laser Headquart

Date: 2018-12-18
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In order to understand the new development of enterprises in Changqing District, follow up and implement the progress of the top ten industrial projects in Changqing District in 2017, listen to the opinions of key enterprises on the work of party committees and government service enterprises, and effectively play the government's service functions. Wang Qinguang, secretary of the Changqing District Party Committee of Jinan City, visited the headquarters of Jinqiang Laser Changqing, emphasizing that quality is the support and fundamental of enterprise development. Welcome Jinqiang Laser to take root in Changqing and continue to build Jinqiang Laser's distinctive brand with product quality and R&D strength. Yuan Changkui, director of the Management Committee of Jinan Economic Development Zone, Yan Ming, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, deputy head of the district, Pan Xinghua, deputy head of the district, and the responsible comrades of the District Economic and Trade Bureau Development Zone and Ping'an Street.

Wang Shuji carefully watched the fifth generation of automatic laser cutting machine of Jinqiang Laser to understand the iterative development and market situation of Jinqiang laser pipe cutting machine, and highly praised the development of Jinqiang laser.长清区委书记王勤光走访金强激光总部:强化品质,打造金强激光特色品牌

Secretary Wang expressed concern about the development of Jinqiang Laser's move into Changqing, and made in-depth understanding of the company's current development difficulties and possible problems in its future development, indicating that all departments at all levels in Changqing District should attach importance to enterprises, support enterprises and service enterprises. To form a strong synergy in the construction of service projects, strive to create a good development environment, and promote the further development of technological innovation enterprises such as Jinqiang Laser. It is hoped that Jinqiang Laser will continue to strengthen its quality route with the transformation of Changqing as a turning point. Drive, enlarge and strengthen the strong brand of Jinqiang Laser, influence and drive Changchun's manufacturing upgrade to achieve a win-win situation.


In line with the launch of Shandong's new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive experimental zone, the government will pay more attention to the development of the real economy, especially the intelligent manufacturing industry, and use technology innovation to transform and land, thus initiating the rapid development of the overall economy.

Jinqiang Laser keeps pace with the government. In recent years, technology research and development has been regarded as its core vitality. It has continuously promoted product upgrades to meet market needs, and promotes industrial upgrading with technological innovation. Jinqiang laser tube flexible processing and manufacturing equipment and production lines have successfully served nearly 100. Home production enterprise.


In the future, Jinqiang Laser will aim at the forefront of the world's science and technology, fit the market, grasp the conversion opportunities, continue to strengthen the quality, create a brand of Jinqiang laser, lead intelligent manufacturing, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing structure in Changqing and even the whole country.

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