Stack-welded integrated bed

The bed adopts side hanging structure and lap welding integrated bed, which is annealed to eliminate internal stress, and then finished after vibration aging after rough machining, so as to greatly improve the rigidity and stability of the machine tool and ensure the accuracy of the machine tool.

Front splice device

The front receiving device includes a support plate controlled by the air cylinder. When the cut pipe is long, hold the pipe to prevent it from sagging.

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Flexible to process various tube profiles

Flexible processing, 100% flexibility

Truncate punching pattern cutting, one-stop completion, save space and process time.

Integrated electric control cabinet structure

Integrated electric control cabinet design, simple structure, reasonable line layout and saving floor area.

Cyptube 3000S fscut control system

The Cyptube 3000s bus control system can compensate the center deviation of the pipe in real time, and the corner cutting speed is faster and more stable.

Product parameter form

Product parameter form

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