JQ laser is committed to the world’s environmental policy and aims to provide low-carbon production. The company has developed a lot of new types of laser cutting machine that uses less energy and produces fewer emissions than traditional machines. JQ laser is working with the World Wildlife Fund to promote the use of its machine in developing countries. The machine has the potential to help these countries reduce their carbon footprints and dependence on fossil fuels.We are striving to become a “dark factory” where all processing, transportation, and inspection processes from raw materials to final products are carried out in a “dark” space.

Production Line

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of processing technology and the updating of intelligent equipment, our company has gradually transformed from traditional processing to intelligent production. At present, we have 9 production lines and 2 intelligent integrated production lines.

We are able to produce different kinds of products according to customer requirements.The advantages of intelligent production line are obvious. First of all, it can improve work efficiency and save labor costs. Secondly, it can reduce material waste and ensure product quality.

Secondly, it is conducive to enterprise management and control. In the future development, we will continue to introduce more advanced equipment and technology, so as to provide better products and services for our customers.

After sales experience

JQ Laser has always been proud of its efficient after-sales service and problem solving. We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff who are always ready to help our customers with any issues they may have. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee so that our customers know that they can always expect the best from us.

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About Us

As a laser cutting machine manufacturer, we have a lot of certification, like CE, FDA, and many patents. We’re convinced that these certifications and patents set us apart from the competition and allow us to offer the best products and services to our customers.

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Safety Consciousness

JQ laser regards personal safety and production safety as basic, and requires all employees to conduct safety studies and examinations every month. The company has set up a special safety department to carry out various safety education and training for employees, so that they can improve their awareness of safety in production and life.JQ laser strictly implements the “safety first” principle in all aspects of production and operation. In case of any accident, the company will immediately organize relevant personnel to investigate the causes, take preventive measures and give feedback to employees in a timely manner. Only by doing these can we ensure the smooth progress of production and avoid similar accidents in the future.

Leave Message And Get The Answer

In order to improve the user experience and improve our production technology, JQ laser has been collecting real machinery handling questions and comments from the market, which we will analyze and provide answers to, and we will also adopt the favorable production ideas.