M3 Tube Laser Cutting machine

At JQ Laser, we produce the M3 tube laser cutter, a machine that is Revolutionising the way that tubes are cut. This machine uses a laser to cut tubes with speed, precision and flexibility that other machines simply cannot match.

The M3 tube laser cutter is changing the game for manufacturers who need to cut tubes quickly and accurately. With this machine, you can cut tubes of any size and shape with ease, making your production line more efficient than ever before.

If you’re looking for a machine that can help you cut tubes faster and more efficiently, the M3 tube laser cutter is the perfect solution. Contact JQ Laser today to learn more about this game-changing machine.

Technical Parameters

Maximum cutting length≤6000mm
Maximum weight for each tube250kg
Cutting diameter15-230mm O.D.
Rotary speed150rpm
X.Y.Z axis position accuracy±0.05mm/m
Minimum tailing100mm
Maximum running speed 100m/min
Power supply380V/50Hz


machine bed

The machine bed is made of stacked welded one-piece bed tube thickness 12-16mm, made by Italian Gauga machining center. After annealing to eliminate internal stress treatment, rough machining, vibration aging and then finishing, thus greatly improving the rigidity and stability of the machine tool and ensuring the accuracy of the machine tool.

loading frame

The loading frame is composed of storage lifting device, horizontal conveying device, pressing device, blocking material lifting device, patting material measuring device, clamping claw loading device and other components. It can realize the bundle of pipes into the storage basket at one time, and the pipes are automatically lifted and loaded. Adjustable front blocking device can ensure that only one pipe is loaded at a time.

Auto-focusing plane cutting head

Power level: 3300W


– Range: +10~-12mm

– Acceleration: ≤10m/s²

– Speed: ≤10m/min

– Accuracy: ≤50μm

Focal length of collimating mirror: 100mm

Focusing mirror focal length: 125mm, 155mm, 200mm

Nozzle hole specifications: single-layer, double-layer, non-standard

Fiber interface: QBH, QD

Nozzle aperture: a variety of optional

Protective lenses.

– Collimation protection lens: φ24.9mm*1.5mm

– Focusing protection mirror: φ27.9mm*4.1mm

Auxiliary gas pressure: ≤30bar Weight: ~5.7kg


Pneumatic chuck, fast clamping speed

Fully enclosed design, effective dustproof, easy maintenance

Full stroke chuck 15-230mm without jaw position adjustment, easy to use

Minimum tailstock 90mm, improve tube utilization

Double roller design, clamping small tubes more stable

Gear and rack drive, long life, high stability, low noise

Follow-Up Front Splice

20mm cast aluminum parts, strong impact resistance, can support heavy pipes

Stainless steel plate attached to the top, beautiful, not scratching the tube

Servo cylinder drive, precise follower + fast flip

Trailer support

Industrial nylon material, resistant to wear and tear, long life

High precision production, support adjustable tube diameter, more accurate

Pneumatic cylinder lift, fast speed

The TubesT tube nesting software

The TubesT tube nesting software is a set of nesting software for the CNC tube cutting system of Bertrud CypTube/TubePro.

Air compressor for fiber optic cutting

Equipped with cold dryer, multi-stage filtration, pure gas

Gas storage tank + compressor, stable airflow

Thin tube air cutting, reduce production cost

Smoke filter

Special structural design, small body size, low operation noise, and movable.

Adopting special aluminum alloy impeller and Siemens three-phase motor, combining negative pressure and flow; stable operation, low failure rate and continuous operation.

Set up the main switch of power supply, electric control components with thermal overload protection, phase loss and phase sequence protection, high safety, and can realize remote control and linkage control and other functions.

Fire stop device is set at the air inlet to place sparks in direct contact with the filter cartridge and damage it.

Pulse back-blowing device, good dust cleaning effect.

Special air duct and noise reduction design to reduce the noise of the machine outlet.

cutting effect

Photos of successful installation

m3 installation3
m3 installation
m3 installation2

frequently asked question

Do you have CE? We provide you with CE in the form of a one-stop service. At first, we will demonstrate CE to you. After delivery, we will give you CE packaging list a commercial invoice for customs clearance.

Please tell us about your following answer, our specialist will provide advice on proper power. 1. What material you want to cut, stainless steel, carbon steel or other? 2. What thickness do you want to cut?

If confronted with any problems, please contact us immediately and do not attempt to fix the machine by yourself or anyone else. We will respond within 24 hours as quickly as we can to help you.

2 years quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge(some parts will be maintained) when if any problem during the warranty period.

Yes, we are happy to provide advice and we have dedicated technicians all around the world who are ready to assist you. Your operations’ continued success relies on your machines staying in working order.

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