Variety is the Priority

The M3 can handle round tube up to 230mm or 9.05 in. OD and comparable sizes in square, rectangular andopen profiles, special sections.

Perfect Fitting for tube assemblies

Available for upgrade with bevel cuts up to ±45 degrees. swivel head on a modern 5-axis system make the oblique boreholes on the tube.

Real Servo follow-up support which can follow and support pipes better.

  • The machine has 3 sets of supports, each of which is controlled by a high-precision servo motor to achieve follow-up movement.
  • The supports can adjust the straightness of the tube.
  • The servo follow-up function can adjust the support height in real time according to the actual specifications and rotation trajectory of the tube, so they can effectively support the tube and avoid the reduction of cutting accuracy caused by tube shaking.

Flexible processing, 100% flexibility

Truncate punching pattern cutting, one-stop completion, save space and process time.

M3 automatically ready for the next production batch

At the end of each batch, the loader, spindle, steady rest and intermediate supports automatically adapt to the new section to be cut, without ever interrupting the production cycle.

(For specific configuration, please contact the sales staff)

Product parameter form

Product parameter form

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